My name is Daniëlle

I’m 31 years old 

I’m a dreamer 

I can’t sit still, and i’m always busy 

I’m a good listener 

I’m a Rihanna fan girl, big time 

I love to read biographies or about psychology 

Besides ceramics I love gardening 

I love to sing, and i’m a good singer (I think myself)

I’m a morning person 

Coffee over tea

I’m an introvert, but I do like social gatherings

I love Italian (basically all the mediterranean food, except for fish) 

In 2020 I made my first ceramic piece, and I will treasure this piece forever! 

I don’t like cats 

I’m an island girl, even though at the age of 16 I decided that I would never return to the island. That lastet exactly 7 years. 

I love being alone 

I love craftsmanship 

I have a very very very broad taste in music 

As a teenager I followed a theater training for over a year. After that I ended up at Schiphol airport, working as a ground stewardess, where I had the time of my life

my zodiac sign is pisces 

I can commit to 4-5 songs for a very long time 

I like to observe 

I have a twisted sense of humor 

I’m loyal 

When you meet me I can seem quiet and aloof, but once i’m comfortable with you, hide away!